• Ian Player Foundation

    The future of endangered species and the future of humanity are intrinsically linked. The combined forces of poverty, population growth, climate change, and environmental destruction threaten both.

    We strive to preserve habitats of endangered species, protect the uniqueness of nature, and raise people’s awareness of considerate use of natural resources.

  • Wildlife

    A top priority for us is removing snares that kill and maim wildlife every day all over the world, as such, The Ian Player Foundation works closely with several anti-poaching units, who tirelessly remove snares and save dying wildlife trapped in these snares.

  • Water

    The Turtle Programme is close to our hearts, it’s survival is threatened by a variety of elements like polluted rivers, poaching and abused beaches. A donation of 15 Dollars will help bring an end to the devastation of this species and allow us to support programs that help to this end

  • Forest

    The Ian Player Green Belt is a global initiative to re-wild communities and rural areas alike. Each donation of 10 dollars will enable us to plant 10 trees in the areas that need them the most. We aim to re-seed the earth starting in the areas where the most damage has been done and in regions where funding is near impossible due to socio-economic conditions so that we can begin to restore the natural equilibrium of the world.

  • Climate

    The Ian Player Bee Conserve is an active project, the principle being that if the bee is treated as the integral component that it is, everything including human communities thrives around a bee sanctuary. For every 150 dollars we raise, we can place one beehive in rural areas and empower communities to take care of their needs, thereby cultivating food forests with the added benefit of re-wilding the targeted area.

EX AFRICA SEMPER ALIQUID NOVI” – Out of Africa Always Something New

What We Do

We experience our diversity as enrichment. We work cohesively towards a world in which all living beings on earth live in peaceful coexistence and lead a healthy dignified life in harmony with nature.