The Ian Player Foundation

“A new generation of people who care for rhinos, wildlife and wilderness are now taking over the baton”

The future of endangered species and the future of humanity are intrinsically linked. The combined forces of poverty, population growth, climate change, and environmental destruction threaten both.

We strive to preserve habitats of endangered species, protect the uniqueness of nature, and raise people’s awareness of considerate use of natural resources.

The extinction of one species potentially leads to the extinction of others bound in a complex ecological web and as ecosystems unravel and collapse, 30 to 50 percent of all species may be heading toward extinction.


Species extinction worldwide is progressing at a rapid pace – part of a catastrophic environmental impact of humanity living today. The drastic decline and extinction of species and wild areas that are part of a diverse and complex ecosystem have serious consequences for all living beings. Our ecosystems and thus our livelihoods are perishing as a result.


As we stand shoulder to shoulder with the affected – together we seek new solutions to ensure education and development. At the same time, we also rethink and change our own consumer behaviour. We experience our diversity as enrichment. We work cohesively towards a world in which all living beings on earth live in peaceful coexistence and lead a healthy dignified life in harmony with nature.